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OC or AU: Obscure/Sparse Canon, suggested by mod to use OC/AU form. All headcanon'd information will be in italics.
Character Name: Rosa Christopher
Series: Gundemonium Trilogy
Gender: Female
Age: 36 (37-38 after time in Garden)
Entry position: Instructor
Specialization: Battlefield Medicine
Classes desired: SED 101 (M/W/F), MAG 402 (T/TH)
Appearance: Rosa stands about five feet even, is of an average (or somewhat slender) build, and is relatively underdeveloped even despite her age. She has waist-length platinum hair, and amber-colored eyes. Essentially, add about twenty years onto this.
History: Rosa lived the boring, simple life of an 18th Century village child in Western Prussia all the way up until her teenage years. When she was 16 years old, her village was attacked by the Genoremasody Empire, the ruling power over Eastern Prussia. Augmented with strange technology known as Universal Science and having their eyes on expanding their power over all of Europe, the Reich slaughtered everyone in they could find in Rosa's home town, leaving her as the sole survivor.

Rosa didn't have much time to grieve, though, as shortly after the Genoremasody attack, she met a mysterious doll-maker by the name of Kreutzer. Kreutzer had a deceptively simple request of Rosa: With her army of alchemy-augmented dolls and Rosa's abilities, they would take on the overwhelming might of the Genoremasody Empire themselves. Wanting to punish the people responsible for slaughtering her family, Rosa accepted, and Operation: Phantastique Tea Party was put underway.

The "Tea Party" started out small, taking out minor platoons of Genoremasody's soldiers. Over the few weeks working together, Kreutzer and Rosa became fast friends, opening up to each other more and more. However, as the "Tea Party" started to draw more attention, destroying entire fleets of imperial warships at a time, assassins from the Reich found Kreutzer and burned her hiding spot to the ground, killing her in the process. Having lost yet another person to the Genoremasody Empire, Rosa flew into a blind, unstoppable rage and decimated what was left of the imperial army in a single skirmish, even destroying the technologically augmented body of Emperor Wilhelm XII himself without a shred of mercy.

And behind the Emperor, Rosa found his daughter... Kreutzer Wilhelm XIII. After being targeted by her father for seeking to combine Universal Science with alchemy to achieve her own goals, Kreutzer had gone incognito and sought out someone who could destroy the Genoremasody Empire from the outside. Faking her own death with a human-sized doll had given Rosa all the push that she had needed to finish the job. There was just one last thing for Rosa to do - the entire Genoremasody Empire would die with Kreutzer. Unable to forgive Kreutzer for using her, Rosa didn't hesitate. In a battle that would haunt her dreams for the rest of her life, Rosa killed her best - and only - friend.

Kreutzer's death weighed heavily on Rosa, however, and within a few years, Rosa worked to create the Rosenkreuz Foundation. A mercenary peacekeeping organization, Rosa founded Rosenkreuz to ensure that no more like the Genoremasody Empire would come into power. However, Rosenkreuz had a second goal only known to its founder - to further the progress of alchemic research. In the next two decades, peace was kept and alchemy moved forward. However, in 1775, mankind managed an alchemical breakthrough - the Spring of Yord had been discovered, the gateway to the demonic realm of Que Pholith. Within the Spring of Yord, the Philosopher's Stones - later known as the Matrices - were discovered. Those who mastered the powers of the Matrices became known as Matrix Masters, and through them, alchemy reached new heights of progress.

However, removing the Matrices from the Spring of Yord awoke the denizens of Que Pholith, the Demonium. Angered by the theft, the Demonium poured out of Que Pholith, wreaking havoc on humanity. However, not even the Matrix Masters could hold back the force of the Demonium forever. Using the long-forgotten artificial body Kreutzer had once fooled Rosa with, a soul was placed inside an artificial body as a seventh Matrix Master, one who drew upon the power of the soul inside of her, as opposed to that of a Philosopher's Stone. That artificial Master, the Chrome Matrix Proxy, was given the name Elixirel, and sent out as a final offensive against the 7th wave of the Demonium armies. However, in the resulting chaos, Elixirel was kidnapped and made to turn against humanity, only bolstering the Demonium's advance. Immediately, Rosa planned out Operation: Gundemonium. The mission: Push through the ranks of the Demonium and recover Elixirel, regardless of the cost.

Rosa would never get to see the success of the operation, given that she ended up caught up in Time Compression.

World History: The world of the Gundemonium series is similar, in fashions, to the world of Fullmetal Alchemist. While the locations remain similar to those of real world Earth (circa 1770), the industrial revolution has taken a slightly more arcane bent with alchemy and transmutation. As in the world of Amestris, alchemy is absolute and worries only about conservation of mass, ignoring conservation of energy - meaning with the right setups and tools, direct transmutations are little problem. Until 1757, the Genoremasody Empire reigned over all of Eastern Prussia and possibly further eastward, but after they fell, governments settled into a more real-world analogue, with the newly-founded Rosenkreutz Foundation working in the shadows.
Unlike either the real world or Amestris, however, the world of Gundemonium sits atop the plane of Que Pholith, a literal Hell, filled with demonic armies known as the Demonium. Why these demons often take the form of things like bunny girls and sentai heroes is left unexplained.

Garden History: Rosa was one of the few who negotiated emphatically to be allowed to train to become a SeeD despite her age. It didn't feel proper, after all, to get by on a loophole without the proper training. During that time, she specialized in Battlefield Medicine, doing somewhat poorly in weapons classes and only barely managing to pass PMGF, seeming to have problems junctioning even with Garden's equipment. However, she excelled in indirect and recovery paramagic, enough so that she later started working to obtain her Instructor's License in Indirect Paramagic. She kept a low profile during her time as a cadet, staying out of the public eye as much as possible and blazing through her work as quickly as possible in order to properly become an Instructor.

Abilities & Physical Abnormalities: Rosa was born with a strange gift that allows her to "synchronize" with artificially-created humanoids (such as dolls, homonculi, and other sentient creatures of questionable soul status), allowing her to link up her consciousness with them. This lets her augment their reflexes and abilities with her own, but it comes at the price of fully feeling whatever her partner feels, including pain. Due to the emotional strain of such an ability, she rarely uses it and never speaks of it unless pressured.

Personality: The Genoremasody War had lasting effects on Rosa, and she's got a pretty hefty case of PTSD from it. However, that manifests mostly as an utter dissociation from emotion that was necessary in order to keep going after what had transpired in those days. Rare is the moment where Rosa allows herself to show - or possibly even feel - joy or pleasure, to say nothing of more volatile negative emotions. When they do come out, usually due to Rosa being subjected to memories of the war or Kreutzer, her emotions come out in full force. She's not exactly volatile once she's emotional, simply very extreme. Anger turns quickly explosive, sorrow causes her to withdraw far quicker, happiness is near-manic. These moments don't last long, however, and she typically manages to reign in those emotions into a detached neutrality fairly easily. If one manages to push past the damaged shell, Rosa's beliefs and core personality are still as they were at 16. She's got a nurturing streak, and can be warm and caring when she wants to be. However, she's got harsh mama bear tendencies, and the worst of her anger comes out if you hurt someone she loves.

She has a bit of a complex, believing her work in particular is singlehandedly crucial to the success of any given mission - understandable, given her position in her home world. Outside of her home world, that mostly manifests as workoholic tendencies, as well as expectations of perfection in those she works with. Such thoughts, like many others, are mostly kept private, however. Rosa is not very social, finding casual interaction with people to be little more than a morale-building exercise. While this means most conversations with her will be short and blunt, she's also become exceptionally skilled at telling people what they want to hear.

In her free time, Rosa is an avid reader, mostly preferring the pursuit of knowledge. At first it was due to misguided attempts to bring back Kreutzer, a hope to reform her former friend, but after a while it became a hobby. She particularly focuses on studying alchemy similar to what her world has, as well as higher sciences such as temporal mechanics. Given her detached nature, this also means that she'll occasionally lapse into technobabble if she believes someone does - or should - understand such things.

What are your plans for the character in-game? TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION AHAHAH no, really, just the usual RP stuff.
Anything else? Due to similar appearances, some icons are slightly edited versions of Reinforce from Nanoha A's, and she may be treated as a PB if necessary.

Complete TWO out of the FOUR options.
i) IC Questionnaire

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